Facade anchors with M8 threaded connection

Facade anchors with threaded connection for the embedment of support profiles with steel rods for rear-ventilated facades

Rear-ventilated facades offer a multitude of design possibilities to architects and are becoming increasingly popular. The buildings feature an aesthetic, technically safe functioning and largely maintenance-free facade. A look at the substructure shows that there are different technical versions available on the market with varying demands on the anchoring.

Particularly for support profiles with steel rods, EJOT has expanded the product range and now offers three facade anchor types where the head features a M8 x 13mm threaded connection. This thread serves for the embedment of horizontal and diagonal stainless steel rods, where support profiles for the facade cladding can be fastened.

Three different types of anchors with A4 stainless steel screws and a M8 x 13 mm threaded connection are available. For concrete and solid brick masonry the EJOT SDF-KB-10V/M8x13-E with 60 mm length is suitable. This anchor features an extremely low embedment depth. In addition to minimal drilling times it is also an advantage to prevent hitting the armouring and minimising the wear and tear of the drill.
For concrete, solid brick and perforated brick substrate the SDF-KB-10H/M8x13-E is available and for aerated concrete substrate the SDP-KB-10G/M8x13-E. Both anchors are available in 80 and 100 mm length. The thickness of the non-load-carrying render layer can be up to 30 mm thick for the long versions.

The new facade anchors offer an efficient alternative to common anchoring options for support profiles with steel rods, such as through bolts or chemically anchored threaded rods. Further typical applications are anchoring of suspended ceilings and fastening of ring bolts.