Anchoring Technology

Safely attaching heavy loads

Large product portfolio for different requirements

The fields of application for metal and chemical anchoring technology are versatile, and the respective requirements for the fastening solutions are just as different. Whether for fastening balcony or stair railings or for installing large machines – EJOT products ensure safety and always have high load-bearing capacity values.
The broad product portfolio includes solutions for mechanical installation in non-cracked and cracked concrete as well as chemical and thus expansion pressure-free products for heavy-duty fastening in concrete and masonry – so that your projects will be a success!

Strong anchoring solutions for every construction project


Product recommendations for anchoring


Through bolt BA-E Plus

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Concrete screw JC2-KB Plus

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Further products for anchoring in concrete and masonry

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Bolzenanker richtig montieren – So vermeiden Sie Verarbeitungsfehler!

Mounting through bolts – How to avoid installation faults

Above-rafter insulation is considered to be energy-efficient roof insulation, because the rafters are correspondingly over-insulated as potential thermal bridges. But what should be considered about above-rafter insulation with regard to screw selection and what errors can be effectively avoided here?

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The evolution of the concrete screws

The new EJOT® stainless steel concrete screw

The new JC6 offers unrivalled durability and longevity in harsh environmental conditions thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel. It is therefore ideally suited for maritime environments or industrial applications.

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Our know-how for your building projects

If you would like to find out more about anchoring, please listen to our podcast episode on the subject of "Anchoring technology".

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Further highlights


Through bolts BA Plus

The through bolt offers a variety of possible uses, both for the indoor and outdoor area. There is a wide range of available dimensions and materials available. High requirements with regard to the load-carrying capacity and safety of the fastening are met.

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LIEBIG® heavy-duty anchors

The special fastening and anchoring solutions are suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications and meet high security requirements. In particular LIEBIG® undercut anchors stand for the highest tensile and shear load capacities. The mechanical gear cutting in the concrete enables a high load bearing capacity.

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Further information in the EJOT® heavy-duty anchor guide


Part 1 – Fasteners and base materials

In the first part, read why the base material is one of the most important factors for determining the suitable fastener.

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Part 2 – Cracked concrete

In the second part of our heavy-duty anchor guide, we will deal with the “cracked concrete” base material in detail, and show the requirements of this building material for the anchoring elements.

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Read other articles of the heavy-duty anchor guide.

Further product categories


Facade anchors

EJOT facade anchors are characterized by their specially developed expansion zones and are suitable for all common substrates.

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Ceiling nails

The ceiling nail is suitable for the usage as a multiple fastener of non-supporting systems in concrete. It can support heavy loads in cracked and non-cracked concrete.

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Nail anchors

EJOT nail anchors are speed plugs for light-weight fastenings. They are suitable for various substrates and can be mounted quickly and easily.

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Chemical anchors

Chemical anchors are suitable for installing anchor rods indoors and outdoors and are ideal when there are high requirements for load-carrying capacity and safety.

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Drop-in anchors

EJOT drop-in anchors with internal thread for metric screws and poles are made of galvanic zinc-plated steel and can be used in dry interiors.

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