The CROSSFIX® substructure was developed to meet the requirements of architects, builders and manufacturers who place great emphasis on sustainability, environmental protection, flexibility and the highest safety requirements.

Stainless steel has long since replaced aluminium in terms of economic and ecological considerations, especially in terms of CO₂ reduction and physical material properties.

In addition, the stainless steel CROSSFIX® consoles have a high load-bearing capacity so that, compared to other systems on the market, fewer anchoring points per square metre can be assumed for specific projects. As a result, CROSSFIX® offers not only significant material savings for our customers, but also, incidentally, a reduction in installation time.

In terms of fire safety CROSSFIX® is also a top performer, because stainless steel meets the highest fire protection requirements.

For all architectural requirements

Student dormitory of the University of Dubrovnik
Student dormitory of the University of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Architecture ATAR Arhitektura AT.AR. d.o.o. (© University of Dubrovnik)
Teampool head office
Teampool head office
Seekirchen am Wallersee, Austria
Architecture Greisberger ZT-GmbH
Spar supermarket
Spar supermarket
Weinitzen, Austria
Architecture Scherr + Fürnschuss Architekten ZT-GmbH (© Spar AG/Werner Krug)
ENNI administration building
Moers, Germany
Architecture Carpus + Partner AG
Graz, Austria
Architecture Gangoly & Kristiner Architekten ZT GmbH (© Smart Tower)
Residential and care home
Residential and care home
Hopfgarten, Austria
Architecture Mariacher & Partner ZT KG (© Hausberger)
Bad Laasphe, Germany
Architecture Pahl + Weber-Pahl Planungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG
Apollo Nivy
Bratislava, Slovakia
Architecture Make Architects (© HB Reavis)
Legero Headquarter and Outlet
Legero Headquarter and Outlet
Graz, Austria
Architecture Dietrich | Untertrifaller (© 2019 Bruno Klomfar)
Aosta Valley University
Aosta Valley University
Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Architecture Mario Cucinella Architects
School campus and mensa
School campus and mensa
Bremervoerde, Germany
Architecture ABJ. Architekten
Family House in Croatia
Family house
Rabac, Croatia
Architecture Mr. Leonid Zuban, MOLO ZERO



Significant reduction of thermal bridges compared to aluminium consoles. Better U-values (thermal transmittance) at the same insulation thickness. The need for insulation material is reduced, which protects the environment. This makes the system the first choice when planning e.g. DGNB, LEED or BREEAM certified buildings.


CROSSFIX® achieves a far higher safety standard than systems made of aluminium or hybrid materials with plastic. It was developed to also meet the ever-increasing project requirements – e.g. those of fire protection or seismics.


By using CROSSFIX® all structural-physical requirements can be better met in comparison to aluminium consoles. The insulation thickness and thus the wall cross-section can be reduced, which increases the usable area.


The CROSSFIX® console is suitable for forming fixed or sliding points and for accommodating horizontal and vertical support profiles. This means maximum flexibility in planning and assembly. In conjunction with the other system components of anchoring and fastening elements, standard-conforming and regulated fastening options are guaranteed on all common substrates as well as in the connection of console and support profile. The CROSSFIX® substructure system combines engineering flexibility and high load-bearing capacity with thermal performance as well as maximum fire protection reserve.


Higher load-bearing capacities through the use of stainless steel and the optional use of a power wrench. The ETA certification confirms that significantly higher loads can be transferred. Actually tested load-bearing capacity values and regulated calculation specifications ensure greater safety.


CROSSFIX® requires significantly less energy in the manufacturing process than most other systems on the market. Other advantages: Energy savings when installed, lower heating costs and reduced insulation material. The certified CROSSFIX® system is the first choice among architects, manufacturers and developers when it comes to sustainable substructures for facades. Details on the environmental declaration can be found in our EPDs.

CROSSFIX® is a complete system

CROSSFIX® is a complete system

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CROSSFIX® – invisible, but indispensable


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