CROSSFIX® is the revolution in rear-ventilated facade construction

Sustainable cladding of aesthetic facades

The ETA-approved stainless steel substructure system for rear-ventilated facades

For maximum flexibility and energy efficiency
  • The CROSSFIX® console is made of 100 % stainless steel and thus significantly reduces the thermal bridge surcharge in the system.
  • CROSSFIX® increases your flexibility, facilitates the installation, saves precious time and reduces your storage costs.
  • CROSSFIX® is the first A4 stainless steel substructure system for horizontal or vertical installation of support profiles.
CROSSFIX® assembly

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EJOT® gewinnt German Innovation Award 2021
Convincing all along the line
  • Everything from one source
    ​​​​​​​A complete substructure system for all applications including all necessary information for installation.
  • All-purpose
    CROSSFIX® is the console for vertical and horizontal installation and offers maximum flexibility for all applications, no matter if fixed-point or sliding-point installation.
  • Economical
    Highest flexibility for quick and easy processing and, at the same time, standard-compliant fastening options on all common surfaces.
  • Environment-friendly
    When manufacturing stainless steel, there is a more moderate amount of energy required and a considerably lower environmental pollution than when producing aluminium.
  • Energy-efficient
    CROSSFIX® is made of A4 stainless steel and thus enables a significant reduction of the thermal bridge surcharge compared to aluminium.

  • Cost-efficient
    CROSSFIX® enables considerable savings in material costs and storage costs.
  • Safe
    The CROSSFIX® console is classified as non-flammable.
  • ​​​​​​​High static load capacity
    Stainless steel is many times more stable than aluminium, which means CROSSFIX® enables higher static load capacities. In addition, an FEM analysis guarantees an optimised load distribution.
  • Dynamic load capacity
    Seismic tests confirm the dynamic load capacity of the CROSSFIX® console.
  • Better fire resistance
    The thermal expansion of aluminium is twice as great as that of steel (αT = 0.000024 m/m °C); the melting temperature of stainless steel is 1450 °C vs. 660 °C of aluminium.
  • Certified
    CROSSFIX® is ETA certified. This reduces the planning effort, creates cost security through clearly regulated calculation specifications and ensures more safety in the case of complaints or accidents. The CROSSFIX® console was also certified by the Passive House Institute.

CROSSFIX® is certified

CROSSFIX® increases energy efficiency

With CROSSFIX®, only a minimal thermal bridge forms and the wall in the interior cools significantly less compared to aluminium consoles.
CROSSFIX® thermal bridge

CROSSFIX® can be used universally

CROSSFIX® vertical installation

Horizontal installation (two-layer application)

​​​​​​​Fixed and sliding point design for horizontally running support profiles
CROSSFIX® horizontal installation