• Year of construction of the property: 2023
  • Size of the greening: 242 m²
  • Owner: EJOT SE & Co. KG, 57334 Bad Laasphe
  • Planning: PWP Pahl + Weber-Pahl Architekten PartG mbH, 64295 Darmstadt
  • Green planning: GDL Belke GmbH, 57368 Lennestadt

In September 2023, the new TEC CENTER of the EJOT Market Unit Construction in Bad Laasphe was officially opened. As you approach the main entrance on the west side of the building, the green facade of the new company headquarters immediately catches your eye. After all, the TEC CENTER was intended to be green in both a direct and figurative sense.

The TEC CENTER was planned and built with great attention to the aspect of sustainable, resource-conserving construction. The idea behind the design of the green facade was to embed the new building in an existing living space, both visually and in terms of content. The green facade thus compensates for the area taken up by the building and visually localises the building in a newly created campus. The high biodiversity of plants and insects is comparable to a natural location. It certainly looks inviting and interesting. On your next visit to Bad Laasphe, you should pay attention at what's buzzing, crawling and whirring next to our front door.

EJOT has also broken new ground with the TEC CENTER in terms of the green facade. Vertical greening on a structural timber construction is not the norm and required some planning considerations in advance.
The result was a concept for greenery using plant pockets, the so-called Living Wall. The plant pockets were delivered to the construction site already greened and then screwed onto the pre-assembled substructure system. Sensor and irrigation technology integrated into the green facade ensures that the plants are optimally cared for at all times – controlled via a modern app. The substructure consists of the CROSSFIX® system from EJOT, which is used in the design of rear-ventilated facades. A second, vertical support profile was mounted on the horizontal support profile of the CROSSFIX® substructure system at the TEC CENTER. This now supports the plant pockets.

CROSSFIX® is not only convincing on the classic rear-ventilated facades, but also scores highly in the creation of wall-mounted green facades. The system is made of stainless steel and is therefore particularly low in thermal bridging, high load-carrying, highly resistant to fire and can be used with maximum flexibility due to its special bracket geometry. This allows a wide range of design options and optimum adaptation to structural conditions such as ledges or wall openings.

Curious? Here you can find the video documentation of the new EJOT TEC CENTER.