Timber Construction

High-quality fastening technology in structural and non-structural timber construction

Fastening solutions for timber construction

Whether for fastening above-rafter insulation, in stair construction or interior construction – T-FAST® wood screws are ideal for the load-bearing fastening of wooden components in structural and non-structural timber construction.
With the T-FAST® series -V, EJOT offers a range of galvanized wood screws that are regulated by ETA-18/0812 and correspondingly CE-marked. The wood screws with partial thread enable strong contraction and firm connection of the wooden components with rapid work progress. They can be installed in areas that are not weather exposed or in usage classes 1 and 2 according to EC5.

Product recommendations for the timber construction area


T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STS

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T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STR

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Holzbau-Befestigungstipp: Aufsparrendämmung

Above-rafter insulation – determining the right screw

Above-rafter insulation is considered to be energy-efficient roof insulation, because the rafters are correspondingly over-insulated as potential thermal bridges. But what should be considered about above-rafter insulation with regard to screw selection and what errors can be effectively avoided here?

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