The long-established brand for heavy-duty fixing is now part of the EJOT Group which caters for selected market segments of the building industry with special fastening and anchoring products. 
As of now, you can obtain the proven LIEBIG® heavy-duty anchors in more than 30 EJOT subsidiaries all over the world.

Every LIEBIG® product has a specific field of application. For higher demands, the LIEBIG® SUPERPLUS and the LIEBIG® Safety Bolt are used.


The heavy-duty anchor which forms its undercut without any additional undercut tools. The LIEBIG® SUPERPLUS offers minimal expansion forces and is thus particularly suitable for small center and edge distances in cracked and non-cracked concrete. The LIEBIG® SUPERPLUS is used especially for facade constructions, in heating and air-conditioning technology and for the fastening of railings.
LIEBIG SUPERPLUS Schwerlastanker

LIEBIG® Safety Bolts

The torque-controlled heavy-duty anchor with double cone and largely cylindrical expansion is suitable for tensile and compressive loads. The LIEBIG® Safety Bolt is used for fastening situations with particular safety requirements, for example fluctuating tensile load or compressive load, for the assembly of machines, high-bay warehouses or other steel constructions.
LIEBIG Sicherheitsdübel

LIEBIG® product portfolio

Here you find the extensive LIEBIG® range.

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