Countersunk installation with ejotherm® STR U 2G

The original. Stronger than ever before.

ejotherm® STR U 2G
With the know-how of 20 years of research and development

For decades, external thermal insulation composite systems have been one of the most efficient and durable ways of optimising the energy performance of the building envelope.

The ejotherm® STR U 2G universal anchor was the first solution for countersunk installation covered with a cap on the European market. The original.
In the meantime, the ejotherm® STR U 2G incorporates the know-how of 20 years of research and development. A classic, stronger than ever.
The history of the ejotherm® STR U 2G

In order to avoid frequently occurring light or dark spots on ETICS facades, also known as "anchor marks", EJOT
developed the countersunk anchor installation with a cap – the so-called STR principle. Since then, anchor marks are a thing of the past.
You can also learn more about the formation of anchor marks and how to avoid them in our expert tip „This is how you prevent anchor marks“.

Zubehör des ejotherm® STR U 2G
In addition to the special feature of countersunk installation covered with a cap for homogeneous surfaces, the ejotherm® STR U 2G offers many other advantages:
  • Dual application – also flush installation
  • Low anchoring and drill hole depths
  • High loads for maximum safety and low anchor consumption
  • 100 % setting control: countersinking of the plate signals secure anchoring
  • Low thermal bridge effect
  • For all use categories (A-E) and all insulation materials
  • For fixing soffits
  • No rework due to homogeneous insulation surface
  • Uniform plaster application – simple and fast without milling dust
  • Load increase in mineral wool in combination with additional washer ejotherm® VT 2G
  • Suitable for fixing fire breaks
  • Screw pre-mounted for quick installation
  • Simple material separation of the components – no overmoulding
  • Also approved for fastening ETICS with ceramic coverings (greater than 75 kg)