Through bolts BA Plus

Higher load values, faster processing, better performance 

The new generation with improved properties

Higher load values, faster processing, better performance: EJOT has developed the so-called BA series in the field of metal anchors. The product engineers have developed a completely new design for the EJOT Through Bolts, and as a result the performance data has been optimised for the requirements of the project business:
  • The sizes M8 and M10 can be anchored in reduced concrete panel thicknesses. In detail: The M8 can be anchored in 80 instead of 100 millimeters, the M10 can be anchored in 100 instead of 120 millimeters thick plates.
  • The sizes M10 and M12 feature a second installation depth, each reduced by 20 millimeters. This allows more flexibility for different add-on part thicknesses.
  • Seismic performance values C2 in diameters M10 - M16.
  • A coloured setting depth marking ensures increased installation safety. It marks the larger installation depth or the smaller clamping thickness respectively.
  • Head stamp:
    A letter identifier defines the respective anchor length. After the installation it can be reconstructed, which length was used and which installation depth is applicable for the clamping thickness.
  • Bolt stamp:
    In addition to the manufacturer's identification, it shows the diameter as well as the maximum and minimum clamping thickness.
  • Faster installation:
    The tightening torque is achieved by 30-50% fewer turns, which is particularly noticeable in series assembly.

Through Bolts are torque controlled expansion anchors. By applying the torque, the bolt expands in solid substrates such in concrete. The result is a frictional connection, where the forces are transferred via friction into the substrate. The EJOT Through Bolts are optimally suited for medium-heavy loads.

Through bolts BA Plus portfolio

Discover now the two steel variants BA-V Plus and BA-F Plus with galvanic or hot galvanizing as well as the BA-E Plus in A4 stainless steel.

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Installation of a Through Bolt

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