T-FAST® wood screws

ETA-certified in proven EJOT® quality

High-quality fastening technology in structural timber construction

T-FAST® partially threaded carbon steel screws can be used in a variety of ways to connect and fasten wood, wood-based material and sheet steel components to wood components in load-bearing and non-load-bearing areas and are used, among other things, for fastening above-rafter insulation, in stair construction or interior construction. You can find an informative article on the topic of above-rafter insulation in the blog of our EJOT TEC ACADEMY.

The T-FAST® wood screws with partial thread enable strong contraction and firm connection of the wooden components with rapid work progress. Their CE marking is based on ETA-18/0812 in which further information on properties and processing can be found.
Features T-FAST® wood screws
T-FAST® screws are protected against corrosion with a coating thickness of 5 µm. In load-bearing areas, they may be used in service class 1 (heated interior). T-FAST® screws with d > 4.0 mm may also be used in service class 2 (roofed, non-weathered area with contact to the outside air) according to DIN EN 1995-1-1. Exceptions are structures with increased corrosion requirements such as swimming pools, livestock stables or industrial plants with increased corrosive strain.
Application examples of T-FAST® wood screws

The advantages of the T-FAST® at a glance

  • TX drive for optimum torque transmission
  • Partial thread with end mill at the transition to the non-threaded fastener shaft reduces the installation torque and simplifies the installation process
  • Special tip geometry ensures quick gripping and allows fast processing


  • T-FAST® JW2-STR countersunk head screw with milling ribs on the underside for simplified lowering of the head for surface fixed installation
  • T-FAST® JW2-STS with wafer head and pressed washer. The wafer head enables strong contraction and increases the head’s pull-through capacity.
  • Carbon steel with galvanic zinc-plated surface, min. 5 μm layer thickness

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T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STS

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T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STR

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