The Iso Team – Fastening solutions for attachments

Assembly elements for the reliable fastening of attachments to External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems

With the Iso-Team, EJOT has compiled a product group for the planned and subsequent fastening of attachments to ETICS facades which offer a solution to all fastening problems.

Planned fastening

If fastening solutions for attachments (such as railings, French balconies, folding shutters, etc.) are already integrated before or during the mounting of the External Thermal Insulation Composite System, this is called a planned fastening.

In this case, the Iso-Corner convinces with numerous advantages. The installation angle made of PU hard foam reduces thermal bridges through thermal uncoupling and is the perfect solution for the planned installation of medium-heavy to heavy attachments. It has two mounting surfaces for a variable fixing position with up to two attachment points. For approval-relevant applications the special screw EJOT Delta PT® is used for fixing the attachment. Attachments can be directly fixed to the angle with the Delta PT®, additional aids or work steps are not required. Three fastening kits are available, which have been attuned to the respective substrates and they guarantee reliable fastening in every building material. The Iso-Corner is available in three lengths and it can be shortened for the respective insulation thickness after installation of the ETIC system. The advantage over conventional mounting elements is above all that time-consuming rework such as grinding or filling of the angle is not necessary.

Subsequent fastening

Oftentimes, the position or the kind of attachments which are to be mounted to the building envelope has not yet been planned. For the necessary subsequent fastening, EJOT provides three other solutions.

In addition to the Iso-Spiral and the Iso-Dart, the two products for fixing light to medium-heavy attachments, the solution for medium-heavy to heavy attachments has now followed: The Iso-Bar is an approved fastening element with metric neck thread made of stainless steel and additional sealing element. It is the expert for subsequent fastening of all attachments: Marquees, awnings, trellis etc. and can thus be used flexibly. The embedment with injection mortar can be done in concrete as well as solid brick or perforated brick without expansion pressure. Due to the thermal separation, the Iso-Bar features a low thermal bridge effect and thanks to the provided EPDM sealing, it permanently seals the facade against moisture. Delivery comprises an intelligent assembly tool which at the same time can be used as an installation aid for a defined centric and axial position, for milling the render surface and as a centring aid while the chemical anchor cures. Depending on the installation situation, the Iso-Bar can be cut to the required length using conventional tools.

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Further information concerning the Iso-Team product group can be found in the documents.


ETICS Product configurator for anchors and mounting elements

In just a few steps you will be guided through the program and get the right anchor and/or the right mounting element for the respective application of your building project.


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For the planned retro-fitting of medium heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS facades.

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Iso-Spiral anchor

For the subsequent and unplanned assembly for light mounted parts on to ETICS facades, e.g.

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For retrofitting of light to medium heavy attachments to ETICS facades made of EPS, mineral wool and mineral foam.

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For retro-fitting of medium heavy to heavy attachments to ETICS facades.

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