Flat roofs are usually not completely flat, but have a slight slope, so that rainwater can drain off in a predetermined direction. For a slope insulation, the installer must use a correspondingly long fastener for each insulation thickness when fixing the roofing membrane. Flat roof fasteners which are adjustable in height are easier and more economical. As for example the EJOT JBS-R/EcoTek.

Standing water puts strain on the roof membrane and can reduce the service life of flat roofs. For an effective drain of rainwater, flat roofs are therefore formed with a slight slope. The flat roof directive prescribes a minimum slope of two percent.

How is the slope on flat roofs realized?

Metal substructures already feature a roof slope through the structural alignment of the support profiles. The situation is different with concrete substructures which are generally even. In this case, the slope has to be realized through a so-called slope insulation. These are insulation boards that rise at a certain angle.

Cumbersome: Many fasteners with different lengths

If roofing membrane, insulation and diffusion layer are mechanically fastened to the substructure, installers use combinations of screws and stress plates which are optimally suited for the respective insulation thickness. For the slope insulation, this means that many different fastener lengths must be held ready.

JBS-R/Eco Tek saves fastener lengths

And this is where EJOT's adjustable flat roof fastener is used. JBS-R/EcoTek is the name and it consists of an organically coated concrete screw (JBS-R) and a high-quality plastic stress plate (EcoTek) which is continuously adjustable in height. For a slope insulation of 120 to 260 millimetres, for example, the JBS-R/EcoTek reduces the number of necessary fastener lengths from eight to two. Significant advantages provided by the JBS-R/EcoTek are economic warehousing, simple and process-reliable assembly as well as the wide application range of 70 to 500 mm insulation.

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Further information about the JBS-R/EcoTek can be found in the product data sheet and in the user manual.

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