EJOT offers the appropriate rain screen anchor solution

Long-term safety & easy processing with the KERI system

For retroactive securing of three-layer panels

​​​​​For buildings from the 1970s and 1980s that were constructed using the multilayer prefabricated concrete wall construction method, there is now a need for extensive renovation.

Before a new facade can be installed, the most important renovation step is to secure the rain screen. The EJOT KERI system is the ideal solution.

The special features of the system

  • Absorption of transverse forces of the rain screens (vertical load transfer of the existing building structure)
  • Absorption of transverse forces from the new facade system, e.g. ETICS or rear ventilated facade, (vertical load transfer of the new facade system)
Features KERI-anchor

A complete system for renovation
The KERI system

​​​​​​Advantages of the KERI system

  • ​​​​​​​Excellent rated values for transverse and flexural strength due to the structural shape of the anchor for a small minimum number of anchors
  • No temperature restrictions in installation, as it is a purely mechanical system – without mortar
  • Long-term safety and longevity, no signs of fatigue due to the exclusive use of stainless steel components
  • Fire behaviour according to building material category A1 "non-combustible", as without flammable components
  • Processing: only one drilling diameter of 42.5 mm throughout is necessary
  • Less noise and vibrations compared to the hammer drilling process through the use of core drilling technology with a diamond drill bit
  • No consequential damage by wet drilling, as a water metering device is used (water consumption per hole <0.5 litres)


  • Fastening elements approved by the building authorities for subsequent securing of three-layer rain screens
  • ​​​​​​​Anchors made of stainless steel (A4), consisting of double cone bolts and two anchor sleeves
  • Diameter of 40 mm
  • Available in lengths of 205 mm and 240 mm (further lengths available upon inquiry)


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Further information on the KERI anchor can be found in the documents available for download

EJOT® Services

  • ​​​​​​​Initial sizing
  • Arrangement of a structural engineer
  • Arrangement of an installation contractor
  • Device instruction/assembly demonstration
  • Provision of a device including the necessary accessories
  • Fast delivery of the anchors to your location