Ecological facade design with the Iso-Bar ECO

Greening system for ETICS facades

Iso-Bar ECO The approved fastener for greening ETICS facades

​​​​​​​When fastening greening systems to facades with thermal insulation (ETICS) the focus is not only on a safe installation of the greening system, but especially on a fastening in the substrate that is optimised for thermal bridges, as well as sealing to protect against moisture penetration. For this special challenge, EJOT has the Iso-Bar ECO, a complete fastening system, in its portfolio.

Iso-Bar ECO system components in detail

Iso-Bar ECO – Focus on the fastener

Overview of the advantages

  • ​​​​​​​Flexible rope attachment through adjustable adapter
  • Permanent seal against moisture through high-quality sealing element (joint sealing tape quality BG1 according to DIN 18542)
  • Low, classified thermal bridge effect
  • Variable rope designs / grid geometries
  • Subsequent, flexible installation
  • Can be cut to length on site to suit the local side conditions
  • Small product variety for insulation thicknesses up to 300 mm
  • Easy and safe installation with innovative assembly tools
  • Expansion-pressure free installation in the substrate
  • Can also be used at temperatures down to -20 °C in combination with Multifix USF Winter mortar
  • Weather and UV-resistant
Spreizdruckfreie Montage im Untergrund

System accessories for facade greening

​​​​​​​For EJOT the focus is not only on the fastening alone, but on the entire system solution. The product range includes a variety of aligned components that optimally round off the system. The Iso-Bar ECO system is purchased exclusively from the ETIC system supplier. This ensures optimal coordination with the ETICS.
System accessories for facade greening

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For further information on the Iso-Bar ECO, please also refer to the brochure and the other downloads

Installation video Iso-Bar ECO