Iso-Bar ECO
The approved fastener for greening ETICS facades

When fastening greening systems to facades with thermal insulation (ETICS) the focus is not only on a safe installation of the greening system, but especially on a fastening in the substrate that is optimised for thermal bridges, as well as sealing to protect against moisture penetration. For this special challenge, EJOT has the Iso-Bar ECO, a complete fastening system, in its portfolio.

Iso-Bar ECO system components in detail

Iso-Bar ECO – Focus on the fastener
The EJOT Iso-Bar ECO is a thermally separated fastening element for subsequent and therefore flexible fastening on thermally insulated facades. The reinforced glass fibre plastic provides minimal thermal bridge effect. This way, unnecessary heat losses can be avoided. A special adapter enables the climbing system to be accommodated for greening. In addition to the Iso-Bar ECO fastener, EJOT offers a complete greening system for thermally insulated facades and a wide variety of design options.

Variable rope designs and grid geometries

The flexible positioning of the Iso-Bar ECO and the adjustable adapter allow the design of a wide variety of grid geometries for individual facade greening. The design possibilities are thus almost limitless.
Variable Seilführung und Rastergeometrien

The advantages of the Iso-Bar ECO at a glance


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Installation video Iso-Bar ECO

Permanent sealing against moisture

The high-quality sealing element (joint sealing tape quality BG1 according to DIN 18542) verifiably protects the facade permanently against moisture penetration.


Low, classified thermal bridge effect

The glass-fibre reinforced plastic enables a minimal thermal bridge effect, thus avoiding unnecessary heat loss.


Processing down to -20 °C

In combination with Multifix USF injection mortar for winter, the fastener can also be used at temperatures well below freezing point.


High load transfer

In combination with the injection technique, the Iso-Bar ECO allows a high characteristic load-bearing capacity in concrete and all common types of masonry. The system thus also permanently withstands high loads from greenery, e.g. frosted plants in winter.


Innovative setting tool

The use of the associated installation tool makes installation simple and safe. Furthermore, the correct axial and radial position of the fastener is always ensured. Damage to the plaster due to deformation under load is therefore ruled out.


Cutting to length on the construction site

Variable cutting directly on the construction site enables a small number of variants and perfect adaptation to local conditions, e.g. different system designs.

System accessories for facade greening

For EJOT the focus is not only on the fastening alone, but on the entire system solution. The product range includes a variety of aligned components that optimally round off the system. The Iso-Bar ECO system is purchased exclusively from the ETIC system supplier. This ensures optimal coordination with the ETICS.

Variants and further details of the Iso-Bar ECO


Iso-Bar ECO

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