Reliable forming of sliding and fixed points on substructures of rear ventilated facades

The EJOT sliding point screw VARIO is a universal fastening element made of A4 stainless steel for fixed and sliding points in rear-ventilated facades according to DIN 18516-1. It is now also available as an all-stainless steel version.

The operating principle

With a buffer zone between the screw head and a flat sliding washer, the VARIO guarantees consistently low contact pressure between the two components. This enables the connection to slide easily in a defined manner, even if there are thermally induced changes in the length of the aluminium support profiles.

One screw for all material thicknesses

The sum of the material thickness of the wall bracket + support profile [mm] ranges from 3.5 mm to 8.0 mm according to the test certificate P-BWU02-178006. This single screw securely fastens all commercially available product combinations in agreement with the building law regulations.

Fast and reliable installation

The extraordinary drilling performance enables extremely fast installation, even if the type of construction only allows the assemblyman to apply moderate contact pressure. In the future, the assemblyman need only to pay attention to the correct compression of the buffer zone. EJOT has the right solution for this – the SW8 VARIO tool. It stops the screwing process at exactly the right moment.

With the VARIO JT6-2/5-5.0x30, EJOT offers the ideal fastener for connecting wall brackets to support profiles.

The sliding point screw VARIO in action

The advantages at a glance

    • One screw for all part combinations
    • Consistently low contact pressure prevents stick-slip phenomenon
    • No stripping/destruction of the thread in component II resulting in high tensile capacity
    • High self-locking/clamping effect of the thread in component II due to reduced drill point diameter
    • No loosening of the screw under long-term stress
    • High tensile and transverse load transmission in the substructure due to fine pitch thread
    • General building authorities test certificate as proof of usability according to DIN 18516-1
    • Wall brackets made of stainless steel and aluminium are part of the certificates
    • Buffer zone compensates skew position of the screw
    • Case-hardened drill point for fastening in steel support profiles (not part of the abP)
    • With strongly reduced rotation speed it is also suitable for support profiles made of 2 mm stainless steel (not part of the abP) 


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    Further information on the sliding point screw VARIO is available in the documents.

    Variants and further details of the EJOT® sliding point screw VARIO


    Self-drilling screw JT6-2/5-5.0 VARIO

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