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Reliable stability with the self-tapping screw JZ5-6.3

Use at maximum drilling capacity

Self-tapping screws are always used when the maximum drilling capacity is too high for a self-drilling screw. In particular, components with a high material thickness require the use of a self-tapping screw.

Our strongest self-tapping screw in proven quality

In the construction of particularly large buildings, the trend is towards ever larger spans of steel beams. A high-strength material is used in order to ensure a reliable stability of the buildings. The self-tapping screws are used to fasten this solid material. Due to the hardened thread-forming zone, the new self-tapping screw JZ5 is characterized by a particularly high level of process reliability in the thread-forming process.
Features JZ5

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Further information about the self-tapping screws JZ5 can be found in the following brochure

The advantages of the JZ5 at a glance

  • ​​​​​​​Higher strength of the material – the harder steel tip of the 2 component self-tapping screw can also penetrate harder materials and thus form a thread significantly better in high-strength steel constructions
  • Replacement of screws with a smaller diameter, e.g. during renovation
  • Reliable watertight sealing through ethylene propylene-diene rubber
  • The JZ5-6.3 is ideally suited for applications with little space where a drill point cannot be used (e.g. HTU rails)


  • ​​​​​​​A2 stainless steel with hardened thread-forming zone
  • Sealing washer made of zinc-plated steel or stainless steel with vulcanised elastomer is highly weather- and UV-resistant
  • Pre-assembled sealing washer

EJOT® self-tapping screws JZ5 with more details


EJOT® self-tapping screw JZ5-6.3

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