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Solid planning as the basis for your success

Before things can really get started on the construction site, there are extensive planning tasks at the beginning.

How exactly must the planned construction project be carried out? Which fasteners are suitable and in what quantity? Do I have all the necessary approvals and test certificates for my documentation? This takes time and resources.

We are happy to support you with a wide range of services for your calculation and documentation tasks.
Our comprehensive range of services for you at a glance
Please note that our range of services may vary depending on the country and national requirements.

Anchor pull-out tests


For fastenings in undefined, unknown or not covered by the usability certificate*) fastening substrates (e.g. concrete, masonry, steel, etc.), site tests must be carried out in a defined number and at different positions of the building structure, depending on the application (Rear-Ventilated Facades, ETICS, Flat roofing, etc.).

The aim is to determine the load-bearing capacity of the selected fastener type depending on the individual setting/assembly method on the project-specific given fastening substrate – furthermore, the optimum fastener for your construction project can be determined.

Depending on the application on the roof or facade and the selected fastening system, the execution of the site pull-out tests is carried out and evaluated on the basis of valid regulations according to the EAD, ETAG, TR or TS**). The determined, logged load-bearing capacities serve as the basis for the structural design of the overall system.

*) AbZ – National Technical Approval / AbG - General Construction Technique permit / ETA - European Technical Assessment
**) European Assessment Document / European Technical Approval Guideline / Technical Report / Technical Specification

Your advantages
  • Consulting and execution of the construction site pull-out tests
  • Use of calibrated test equipment
  • Determination of individual load capacities
  • Evaluation of the test results
  • Provision of the test protocol

Travelling expense, test procedure and documentation
  • I t is mandatory that the operating company is on site
  • Accessibility of the secured test points on the object
  • Possible specifications required by the specialist planner
  • Any necessary sealing measures on the flat roof will be carried out by the customer

Rental equipment and product training


Whether installation tools or fastening technology: Our EJOT team is glad to give advice. We provide you with installation tools on loan for the duration of the construction phase for processing our fasteners

Your technicians will receive comprehensive equipment and product training at the construction site from us.

Your advantages
  • Best possible utilisation of the equipment
  • I mproving the knowledge and skills for using EJOT products
  • Preventing tool damage due to improper handling
  • Avoiding installation errors

  • Delivery
  • Instruction
  • Pick-up service
  • One-time replacement of wear parts (batteries, nut sockets, bits or carbons)
  • Rental tools are only provided for processing EJOT fasteners
  • Minimum order quantity fastener: 2,000 pieces (adapted to the rental tool)
  • Please contact us in time so that we can reserve the desired installation tool for you.
  • Rental without proper instruction is only allowed for installers that are familiar with our installation tools
  • Necessary repairs after the tool return, due to faulty or improper use will be billed separately

Initial sizing service


Based on the planning documents you provide, we determine the optimal fasteners for your construction project as well as the required quantity.

You can download the relevant questionnaires here:

Pre-dimensioning questionnaires
Initial sizing with rough bill of quantities

  • Completed questionnaire is mandatory
The initial sizing does not replace the static analysis and is only carried-out based on the data supplied by the customer, not verified for completeness and correctness by EJOT.

Further services


Factory and inspection certificates

On request we supply factory and inspection certificates, which show the results of our production-accompanying and batch related inspections Order-related data are necessary for this, therefore they can only be issued after delivery of the goods.



Repair service

Expert EJOT staff repair the defective tools to prevent down-times. If possible, we carry out the repairs directly on site. If the damage is too severe, the repair will be done in one of our EJOT workshops.


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