Clever & Clean

Skid-free application and reduced swarf fastening for a wide range of applications

EJOFAST® Plus self-drilling screws
Optimised and particularly slim tip geometry

The optimised and unique tip geometry of the new EJOFAST® Plus self-drilling screws enables a much safer application to the surface due to the optimised and slim tip. Displacement or slipping is almost impossible. At the same time, the load-carrying capacity values have been improved once again.

The slim, single-fluted drill tip does not produce any sharp-edged chips that get stuck in the material, resulting in significantly reduced cleaning effort.
Features EJOFAST® JF3-Plus

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws. One operating principle – versatile application possibilities.


EJOFAST® self-drilling screws
Unique screw point geometry without classic cutting edge

Due to the unique screw point geometry and the special thread form, the EJOFAST® screw not only fastens with reduced swarf and at high speed, it also features excellent clamping properties.

​​​​​​​Thanks to the extremely thin point, the EJOFAST® screw can be precisely positioned on the surface. Displacement or slipping is almost impossible. The risk of scratching the surface coating is significantly reduced.
Features EJOFAST® self-drilling screw

Your advantages at a glance ​​​​​

  • Fastening with reduced swarf
    Reduced cleaning effort
  • High installation security
    Thanks to proven free spin zone (for side lap screws)
  • High installation speed
    Thanks to special thread form
  • High load-carrying capacity
    For more safety
  • Skid-free application
    Thanks to unique screw point geometry, thus no damage to the surface​​​​​​​

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Further information about the EJOFAST® family is also available in the brochure.

​​​​​​​The products from the EJOFAST® family are used in four different fields of application


On the roof

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application on the roof.

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At the facade

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application on the facade.

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For solar applications

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for solar applications.​​

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For air conditioning/ventilation technology

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws for application in the field of air conditioning and ventilation technology.

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