40-tonne-heavy Christmas tree - fixed with EJOT products

EJOT special fasteners stabilize Christmas tree

EJOT fastening elements fulfil various important functions in automotive engineering and guarantee the reliable hold of buildings and facades all around the world. Also at the Christmas Market in Dortmund, where the 40-tonne-heavy superlative Christmas tree can be seen until 30 November.

Here, special scaffolding fasteners from the EJOT production ensure that the 45-metre-high Christmas tree has stability. The scaffold is built on a 120-tonne-heavy base.

1,700 Norway spruces from the Sauerland form the Christmas tree on the Hansaplatz in Dortmund. The bright light is created by 48,000 small bulbs as well as 20 two-and-a-half-metre-long candles and luminous ornaments. A 200-kilogram angel overlooks the market from the top.