Small helpers from the high north

Success story of SORMAT Cable clamps

SORMAT cable clamps provide structure on Russia's new 5G cell phone masts

They are inconspicuous and small products – but with a great effect. Cable clamps ensure that long cable runs are properly installed. One of the largest Russian mobile communications providers was confronted with various challenges in civil engineering when installing more than 6,000 new 5G cell towers.
They found the solution at EJOT's in-house fastening and anchoring specialist SORMAT, which is active in many countries around the world. Today, several thousand cable clamps have already been installed on the new cell phone masts for high-speed mobile internet.

Mobile network providers are calling for faster internet expansion
The development and expansion of the mobile Internet has been an important topic for years. A fast and functioning mobile internet connection is becoming increasingly important in times of digitization. In order to establish the new 5G mobile communications standard as the successor to LTE or 4G as quickly as possible, existing mobile communications masts must be converted and new ones built. Numerous cables need to be routed, structured and properly attached to the masts. 5G cellular antennas only have a maximum range of one kilometre in compliance with the legally permitted transmission power. In detail, this means that An estimated average of two 5G radio per square metremasts are required. This results in an enormous number of masts required in order to be able to cover a country with 5G. The large number of new radio towers and the high speed in the advancing expansion of the mobile Internet pose new challenges for mobile operators worldwide.

Russia's 5G roll-out is in full swing
​​​​​​The third largest mobile operator in Russia operates in 67 regions of the country and is currently introducing 5G high-speed mobile Internet step by step across the country.
In order to be able to lead one of its currently larger projects to success and thus to advance the expansion of the high-speed Internet 5G in the largest country in the world, cable clamps were needed promptly to secure the cable harnesses. A total of 6,400 new masts with 469 cable clamps per mast are to be built.
With a project of this size, it is also obvious that the simplest possible installation and the reliable delivery of all components are of great importance to the customer.

The perfect solution comes from Finland
In addition to the globally known products such as through bolts and concrete screws, the product variety also includes special solutions from the Finnish anchoring specialist SORMAT, such as cable clamps. With our own production site in Finland, fast and reliable delivery can be guaranteed. But not only the high product quality and the best range of functions of the installed KP22 cable clamps convinced the customer. The simple handling of the clamps also optimises the installation process. In addition, there is the outstanding service quality provided by the Russian EJOT employees at the Wostok site. Thanks to the long-standing presence and reputation of the SORMAT product portfolio in Russia, the overall package scored points together with the Russian EJOT subsidiary.
Cable clamps features
For versatile applications
Cable clamps are used to fasten, separate, and organise cables wherever needed. This includes indoor and outdoor applications, including building infrastructure as well as telephone and radio masts. The different products from the SORMAT portfolio can be attached to different types of rails, profiles and sheet metal structures.

​​​​​​​In Russia, these seemingly inconspicuous products are helping to expand the cellular network infrastructure. Due to the trend towards digitization, there will continue to be great potential worldwide for new projects with the small clamps in the future.

At a glance – Cable clamp KP22

  • The cable clamp KP can be attached to different types of rails, profiles and sheet metal structures.
  • The clamping piece is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet steel DX51D according to EN10346. The screw is hot-dip galvanized.
  • The numbers behind the letter combination KP indicate the max. diameter of the cable/pipe. The size marking 26/2 indicates that the clamp is suitable for fastening two cables with a diameter of 26 mm.
  • Fire resistance 90 min according to DIN EN 1363-1:2012-10 (test report no. PB 3.2/19-244-1).


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