Solar and photovoltaic systems on open spaces

Secure installation in the ground

Various fastening solutions can be used to fasten the profiles of the mounting system to each other, depending on the material and the overall system construction. The EJOT portfolio includes products for fastening on thin-walled metal profiles (JF3 self-drilling screws of the EJOFAST® family), steel/steel and aluminium/steel connections (JT3/JT6 bimetall self-drilling screws) as well as aluminium/aluminium connections (JT4/JT9 stainless steel self-drilling screws). For anchoring the elevations in the ground, different EJOT products from the anchoring technology such as BA-E Plus through bolts, injection technology or plastic screw anchors can be used depending on the type and condition of the ground and the elevation to be fixed.

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Product recommendations for solar and photovoltaic systems on outdoor surfaces


Through bolt BA-E Plus

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Mortar cartridge Multifix USF

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Products for outdoor installations

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Solarpark in Tschernobyl macht verstrahlte Flächen nutzbar

Solar park makes irradiated areas usable

Even 35 years after the Chernobyl disaster, the areas within the 10 km zone around the damaged reactor block 4 are not usable for humans. That doesn’t have to be the case, decided the Ukrainian company RODINA and the Hamburg-based ENERPARC AG, who joined forces and set up a solar park in the irradiated area.

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Through bolt BA Plus

The through bolt offers a variety of possible uses, both for the indoor and outdoor area. There is a wide range of available dimensions and materials available. High requirements with regard to the load-carrying capacity and safety of the fastening are met.

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The self-drilling screw without the classic cutting bit

Clever & Clean
​​​​​​​The unique tip geometry without cutting bit, the high assembly speed as well as the load capacity of the EJOFAST® screws are of great advantage when fastening solar installations and increase the safety of the fastening.

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