Befestigungslösungen für Klinkersysteme

Fastening solutions for brick slip systems

Discrete mounting and stable hold

For factory-clinked external thermal insulation composite systems, EJOT offers system anchors with an extra-small countersunk head and high load-bearing capacity. These ensure inconspicuous installation in the joints of the clinker system and provide a stable hold for the construction.

​​​​​​​The anchors are available for concrete and masonry, so you get the right fastener for different requirements.
Composite thermal insulation systems clinkered at the factory must be anchored to the facade due to the higher weight per unit area. This can be done quickly and easily with EJOT brick slip system dowels. The dowel is inserted almost invisibly in the area of the joint pattern.

Fasteners for brick slip systems


SDF-S plus 8UB

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