EJOT® Anchoring technology

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EJOT® Anchoring technology

With the acquisition of the Finnish fastening and anchoring specialist SORMAT in 2017, EJOT has greatly expanded its product portfolio and its expertise in the field of anchoring technology. As fastening experts for advice and development, we can offer technically demanding application solutions for anchoring.

Whether for fastening balcony or stair railings, for anchoring large machines, for fastening crampons or for the substructure of wall cladding - EJOT products are used in numerous areas and always have high load-bearing capacities.

Large product portfolio for different requirements

On the one hand, the wide product portfolio includes solutions for mechanical anchoring in non-cracked and cracked concrete. On the other hand, our range also includes chemical and thus expansion pressure-free products for heavy-duty fastening in concrete and masonry.

The anchors can be distinguished according to their mode of action as follows:
  • Expansion anchors
    • Mode of action: Frictionally engaged
    • Product examples: BA Plus Through Bolts, LIEBIG® Safety Bolts and Drop-in anchors
  • Undercut anchors
    • Mode of action: Form closure
  • Screw anchors
    • Mode of action: Form closure (multiple undercut)
    • Product example: Concrete screws JC2
  • Chemical anchors
    • Mode of action: Adhesive bond
    • Product example: Multifix USF

​​​​​​​You can find more information on the three modes of action in our guide.
Modes of action
​​​​​​​Our product portfolio

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Through Bolts BA Plus

  • A wide range of indoor and outdoor applications and a wide scope of available dimensions and materials
  • Economical all-rounder for anchoring metal and wooden constructions in concrete
  • Fulfilment of high requirements regarding load capacity and safety
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Concrete screws

  • Simple and quick installation
  • High load bearing capacity even with small spacing and edge distance
  • Removable
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LIEBIG® heavy-duty anchors

  • In particular LIEBIG® undercut anchors stand for the highest tensile and shear load capacities
  • Different head styles and materials for secure embedment indoors and outdoors
  • The undercut generates a form closure in the concrete and guarantees high load bearing capacities


PFG® anchors

  • Easy and fast tightening
  • Wide expansion for great performance also in lower quality base materials
  • Removable 
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SORMAT Kabelschellen sorgen für Struktur an Russlands neuen 5G-Mobilfunkmasten

SORMAT cable clamps provide structure on Russia's new 5G cell phone masts

​​​​​​​They are inconspicuous and small products - but with a great effect. Cable clamps ensure that long cable runs are properly installed. One of the largest Russian mobile communications providers was confronted with various challenges in civil engineering when installing more than 6,000 new 5G cell towers.

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Facade anchor

EJOT Facade anchors are characterised by their specifically developed expansion zones and are suitable for all common substrates.


Ceiling nail

The Ceiling nail is suitable for use as a multiple fastener of non-supporting systems in concrete. In cracked and non-cracked concrete it absorbs high loads.


Nail anchor

EJOT Nail anchors are time saving anchors for light fastenings. They are suitable for various substrates and can be installed quickly and easily. 
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Chemical anchors

Chemical anchors are suitable for anchoring anchor rods both indoors and outdoors and are ideal where there are high demands on load-bearing capacity and safety. 
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Drop-in anchor

EJOT Drop-in anchors with internal thread for metric screws and rods are made of galvanized zinc-plated steel and can be used for dry indoor areas.