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Flexibility and cost reduction with multi-stage forming at EJOT 

The variety of possible applications for cold-formed parts made of steel, aluminium or partly copper is virtually unlimited. EJOFORM® products made by the connection and forming expert EJOT are always innovative and customer-specific fastening and design engineering solutions. They meet a wide range of requirements, for example as a bracket, stop bolt, spacer sleeve, adjusting element or safety-relevant component in brake systems. 

The EJOFORM® products are manufactured in a multiple-stage cold-forming process. With this technology, a wire section is formed into a complex cold-forming part over several forming steps. Depending on the customer's demand, free spin zones (undercut) or ball geometries can also be realised (see image I). The optimisation possibilities offered by this technology are best illustrated by an example. The cold-formed component (see image II, right) is produced in a multiple-stage cold-forming process and saves approx. 25% of material compared to a turned part (see image II, left). 

Other application-related advantages also arise with the EJOT solution. For example, the EJOT solution with integrated external hexagon recess can transfer much higher tightening torques compared to the slotted recess of the turned part. The EJOFORM® cold-forming part can also be equipped with every type of thread (here DELTA PT®), in order to meet all possible requirements and materials. 

The economic advantages when using EJOFORM® products are due to the manufacturing process. The relatively high initial costs, caused by the tooling costs, amortise with a certain quantity depending on the product, due to the high efficiency and economy of the EJOFORM® production process. Compared to a turning or milling production, the relatively high output of forming machines results in a significant improvement of the cost structure for the customer, which becomes even more distinct with large quantities (see image III). Even material cost savings of up to 80% - depending on the product design - are realistic. 

The precisely manufactured EJOFORM® parts can be supplemented, refined and improved by various processes. In order to realise for example drill holes, clearance grooves or unusual contours, parts with complex geometries can be machined. Internal threads which can be formed or cut, depending on the requirements, can also be realised. Depending on the application, EJOT always offers an individual solution tailored to the customers' needs with this technology. EJOFORM® FORGINGS are the sum of these additional technical possibilities at EJOT. 

EJOFORM® at a glance: 
  • 100% matching to the application 
  • Reduction of material and storage costs
  • Large savings potential due to multi-functionality
  • Simplification of assembly 
  • Replacement of turned parts 

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