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Outstanding site development

EJOT site in Tambach-Dietharz receives "Outstanding site development" award

"This award tops off 25 years of EJOT in Tambach", says Christian Kocherscheidt, Managing Partner of the EJOT Group, pleased with the award for the "Outstanding site development" category. This award will be given to the EJOT GmbH & Co. KG business unit "Thread Forming" as part of the "Factory of the year" benchmark competition in March 2019. The winners in the seven categories were announced at the beginning of November. The "Factory of the year" competition, run by management consultancy A.T.Kearney and the trade journal 'Produktion' for the 27th time this year, is considered the hardest and most traditional competition of its kind.

"EJOT is clearly committed to the Tambach location and confirms this through steady growth, continuous investment and high regard for the employees", said the panel in its speech. The balancing act between consistent focus on efficient processes and maximum flexibility for the customer is mastered through the proprietary development of innovative production lines and by insourcing process stages. The use of digital tools for customer retention and the acceleration of the order handling process are also outstanding, concluded the panel.

The business unit impressed above all with its proprietary development of a heading-rolling combination, which will play a key role in implementing the strategy for accelerate processes. The second stage of the assessment also focuses on the strategy for accelerating processes and shortening throughput times. The "Quo Vadis Tambach?" project and its embedded sub-project of the surface and heat treatment centre was regarded as a strong argument for significantly shortening throughput times over the medium term. Furthermore, A.T. Kearney was extremely interested in the DCPN planning system which, due to its strong customer focus, presents a huge challenge for the manufacturing areas.

The 27th "Factory of the Year" expert congress will take place in Ludwigsburg from 20th to 22th March 2019. If you want to participate in the event, the organizer grants you a discount of 20%. Please use the discount code REF20-81920701. This code has to be entered in the field "Remarks" during the registration.
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View of the construction site of the new surface and heat treatment centre at the EJOT site in Tambach-Dietharz (Thuringia)

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