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23/09/2020​​, Construction Division

The TEC ACADEMY offers EJOT customers and partners the opportunity to inform themselves about current topics and trends in the construction industry as well as about various EJOT products and their applications. The digital training offer includes online seminars, YouTube videos and guide texts as well as a new podcast series. Users can access the materials flexibly and free of charge, regardless of time and place.

Online trainings with EJOT® experts
The idea of the EJOT TEC ACADEMY is based on a multi-stage system. At the start of the model, which is available at www.ejot.com/tec-academy, the focus is on digital training content in form of online seminars. These offer content on important topics, deepen customer contact and provide information on current topics and trends in the construction industry as well as on various EJOT solutions and their applications. Questions such as “What distinguishes a modern, rear-ventilated facade? What errors can occur during screw assembly? Or: How do I choose the right assembly element for my application?“ are discussed here by EJOT experts and explained in an understandable manner.

EJOT® Podcast “Our expertise for your construction projects“
Another component of the EJOT TEC ACADEMY is the new podcast series “Our expertise for your construction projects“. Up-to-date and at the same time technically well-founded information on topics in the construction industry and the associated fastening solutions are provided here.

With the podcast, EJOT is following another current digital trend, which also reaches interested listeners regardless of the current situation, anywhere and all over the world. In diversified and interestingly designed episodes with a length of around 10 minutes, EJOT experts go into more detail on various topics related to fastening and give tips on products and their applications.
The individual episodes of the TEC ACADEMY podcast are available at www.ejot.com/tec-academy/podcast and can also be accessed and subscribed to on Spotify, iTunes and all common platforms.

Further training with an online guide and YouTube channel
The components of the TEC ACADEMY described above are supplemented by the online guide and the Construction Division’s YouTube channel. In order to be able to provide answers to relevant questions about the fastening of structural products, an online guide was developed a few months ago, which is constantly being expanded. Readers can thus flexibly expand their expert knowledge and receive detailed and technically sound information on various issues.
EJOT also offers a variety of videos on YouTube with product presentations, installation instructions and tips from the world of fastening technology. Customers can vividly experience the special features of the EJOT product and service portfolio.

Equipped for digital training
All in all, the TEC ACADEMY offer is a complete package with many individual components that is not only constantly being expanded, but also takes the digital requirements of the various customer groups into account. All currently offered content is not only free of charge but can also be accessed from almost any location with just a few clicks.

About EJOT®

With the Market Unit Construction, the fastening technology specialist EJOT caters to selected segments of the building industry. This includes professional applications on building facades and installation solutions for technical facilities inside the building. The main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. Whether it is the construction of the highest tower, the most spectacular nuclear reactor protective cover or the southernmost polar station in the world – EJOT customers rely on many years of experience in the building industry. EJOT – with over 3,900 employees in 38 companies, more than 36,000 products and one hundred years of company history.
Picture 1: Online training on the topic "Stainless steel in flat roofs" as part of the EJOT TEC ACADEMY

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Picture 2: EJOT TEC ACADEMY Podcast „Our expertise for your construction projects“

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