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C2-approved fixings for regions with seismic activities

Success story

04.07.2022, Market Unit Construction

Italy is a country with extensive seismic activity. One of the leading Italian companies in design, engineering and manufacture of seismic reinforcement systems has chosen EJOT as their supplier. BA-E Plus A4 through bolts are used to fix the reinforcement elements onto concrete slabs ceiling for improved seismic performance. The reinforcement elements need to be mounted with anchors with seismic approval, such as the EJOT BA-E Plus. The solution is used on existing buildings and infrastructures, industrial applications as replacement of conventional materials and as a protection for electrical stations, substations, railways airports, just to mention a few.

"The customer ended up choosing EJOT because of the availability and delivery times, in combination the standing strong relationship with the customer. Their technical department is very acknowledged, so they make all the calculations internally based on the ETA, but this is normally a service EJOT offers as well," says Marco De-Lazzari, sales manager at EJOT Italy.

Availability and delivery time is crucial when choosing the supplier for fasteners. The EJOT through bolt BA-E Plus in stainless steel A4 is not only available and ETA-approved C2 performance category in case of seismic action, but also the ETA covers applications in cracked and non-cracked concrete C20/25 – C50/60, and fire resistance classes F30, F60, F90 and F120.

About EJOT®

With the Market Unit Construction, the fastening technology specialist EJOT caters to selected segments of the building industry. This includes professional applications on building facades and installation solutions for technical facilities inside the building. The main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. Whether it is the construction of the highest tower, the most spectacular nuclear reactor protective cover or the southernmost polar station in the world – EJOT customers rely on many years of experience in the building industry. EJOT – with over 3,900 employees in 38 companies, more than 36,000 products and one hundred years of company history.

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C2-approved fixings for regions with seismic activities