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Anchor dimensioning made easy

New version of the free pre-dimensioning software EJOT ANCHOR FIX®

15.02.2023, Market Unit Construction

EJOT ANCHOR FIX® is a simple, efficient and free dimensioning program for heavy duty anchorages. The software was developed to simplify the work of civil engineers, planners and technicians. Users can perform complex calculations in no time: compare different fastening possibilities, calculate the safest option and therefore choose the right products for each individual project. This is one of the strengths of EJOT ANCHOR FIX®.

Pre-dimensioning software EJOT ANCHOR FIX® is constantly being improved and updated to meet market and user requirements. Once installed, the software updates itself automatically, and of course free of charge, on the end device.

Features of the latest version
The tool is now even more intuitive to use. Numerous drop down menus bring the user directly to where they need to be. Only the information that is required and useful for the specific calculation is displayed. Most input fields have a mouse-over function which provides helpful information, ranging from explanations of the data required or basic technical concepts.

The biggest innovation of the current version is for fastenings in masonry. While in the previous version it was only possible to pre-dimension metal anchors in concrete, EJOT ANCHOR FIX® now offers comprehensive calculations for chemical anchors and nylon anchors, both in concrete and in all common types of masonry. The right masonry can be purposefully selected using the coloured illustrations. The dimensioning tool provides both a calculation of the required quantity of mortar in millilitres, as well as the optimal anchor rod length for each anchorage point. The tool also shows the respective capacity utilisation of the anchor in percent, as well as all available alternative products, so that the user can make the best selection depending on economic efficiency and possible safety requirements.

The calculation of the CROSSFIX® substructure system for rear-ventilated facades has also been simplified in the current version. While in the past a separate calculation tool was needed, this is now fully integrated in EJOT ANCHOR FIX®.

Find the free pre-dimensioning software, EJOT ANCHOR FIX®, at www.ejot.com/software-anchorfix.

About EJOT®

With the Market Unit Construction, the fastening technology specialist EJOT caters to selected segments of the building industry. This includes professional applications on building facades and installation solutions for technical facilities inside the building. The main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. Whether it is the construction of the highest tower, the most spectacular nuclear reactor protective cover or the southernmost polar station in the world – EJOT customers rely on many years of experience in the building industry. EJOT – with over 3,900 employees in 38 companies, more than 36,000 products and one hundred years of company history.

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Neue Version der kostenlosen Vorbemessungssoftware EJOT ANCHOR FIX®
The new version of the EJOT ANCHOR FIX® software is even more user-friendly, making predimensioning of many new products a possibility.

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