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New to the product range: EJOFAST® JF3-Plus self-drilling screws

The power pack for roof and wall coverings on timber

09.03.2022, Construction Division

The new EJOFAST® JF3-Plus adds a powerful product to the proven EJOFAST® self-drilling screw range from EJOT. The new, ETA-certified EJOFAST® JF3-Plus has significantly improved load-bearing capacity in timber and is available in diameters of 4.9 and 6.8 mm. The self-drilling screw is suitable for fastening profiled steel and aluminium sheets or sandwich panels to timber substructures.

The strongest, cleanest and safest self-drilling screw from EJOT
The single-start self-drilling screws of the EJOFAST® family have a unique tip geometry without a classic cutting edge. The optimised and concavely drawn-out tip of the new EJOFAST® Plus self-drilling screws enables considerably safer application to the surface. Displacement or slipping is almost impossible. The special shape of the thread allows for a high assembly speed, while at the same time the load-bearing capacity values of the EJOFAST® Plus in timber have been improved once again.

​​​​​​​The slim, single-fluted drill tip means no sharp-edged swarf are produced that get stuck in the material and require time-consuming removal. This saves time during assembly.

About EJOT®

With the Market Unit Construction, the fastening technology specialist EJOT caters to selected segments of the building industry. This includes professional applications on building facades and installation solutions for technical facilities inside the building. The main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. Whether it is the construction of the highest tower, the most spectacular nuclear reactor protective cover or the southernmost polar station in the world – EJOT customers rely on many years of experience in the building industry. EJOT – with over 3,900 employees in 38 companies, more than 36,000 products and one hundred years of company history.

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Neu im Sortiment: EJOFAST® JF3-Plus Bohrschrauben
The new, ETA-certified EJOFAST® JF3-Plus self-drilling screws have significantly improved load-bearing capacity in timber.

​​​​​​​Picture: EJOT