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EJOT® Iso-Bar ECO wins German Innovation Award 2022

Fastening element for green ETICS facades awarded again

24.05.2022, Market Unit Construction

After winning the DETAIL Product Award 2021, the EJOT Iso-Bar ECO has now been awarded again. The fastening element for the subsequent and thus flexible fastening of green facades on heat-insulated facades recently received the German Innovation Award 2022 in Gold in the category "Excellence in Business to Business - Building & Elements" and thus stands out against all other submissions in this category. The German Innovation Award has been presented annually by the German Design Council since 1953 and honours design, brand and innovation achievements of international significance.

Flexibly turning ETICS facades green
The fasteners for green facades must be anchored in the substrate through the insulation layer. In the case of systems made of metal that are used often, this leads to unwanted thermal bridges and, as a result, to heat losses. The EJOT Iso-Bar ECO is the first fastening element on the market for safe, flexible and heat bridgeoptimised greening of ETICS facades. The national building authorities approval offers the greatest possible reliability for planning.

In addition to the Iso-Bar ECO fastener, EJOT offers a complete green facade system for thermally insulated facades. A special adapter, with which a wide variety of grid geometries can be flexibly designed and customised to individual requirements, enables the climbing system to be accommodated for greening. The design possibilities are thus almost infinite.

Detailed information about Iso-Bar ECO can also be found at www.ejot.com/iso-bar-eco.

About EJOT®

With the Market Unit Construction, the fastening technology specialist EJOT caters to selected segments of the building industry. This includes professional applications on building facades and installation solutions for technical facilities inside the building. The main products are drilling and sealing screws, nylon anchors, assembly elements for attachments, profiles, chemical and mechanical anchors as well as fasteners for flat roofs and solar applications. Whether it is the construction of the highest tower, the most spectacular nuclear reactor protective cover or the southernmost polar station in the world – EJOT customers rely on many years of experience in the building industry. EJOT – with over 3,900 employees in 38 companies, more than 36,000 products and one hundred years of company history.

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