EJOT® Chemical Anchor Engineering

Calculation tool

Being developed by experts in the fixing industry from all Europe and having as a base of calculation, the Europe design standards (ETAG), Chemical Anchor Engineering is the friendliest software from this category. For structural engineers this is a really helpful tool, saving them from the long hand calculations and offering more anchoring solutions for various substrates.

The salient features of the program are: A user friendly interface, covering a large range of concrete class, covering all shapes of metal base plate with predefined groups of holes using standard profiles from the construction metal industry and 3D view of the work in real time. The calculation can be made for all types of situations like uncracked concrete, cracked concrete, seismic C1 or C2 exposure, fire exposure, or flooded bore holes.

New modules are included this year for calculations using post-installed rebar connections according to EN1992-1, suspended ceiling anchoring, and façade anchoring.
  • Utilization factor shown in percentage for the entire range
  • Anchor filter option. Cracked / Uncracked concrete.
  • C2 seismic calculations, flooded holes, non-standard embedment
  • Multiple temperature range selection / Lever Arm
  • Fixed setting depth options / Concrete Class option.
  • Post-Installed Rebar / Suspended Ceiling / Facade module
  • Multi-functional – Chemical Studs, Rebars, Shield Anchors, Plugs.
  • 3D GUI with intuitive plate editor function and real-time updates.
  • Live updates for codification changes, or anchor data changes
  • Full private label suit including database, custom graphics.
  • Resizable viewport feature suitable for Windows OS.
  • Built-in help module and instruction database.
  • Full PDF Anchor Calculation Report in long or short version.

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