Reveal beads with mesh

Highlights of EJOT® Pro-Line

Mesh plaster profiles represent the transition between the facade surface and building openings such as windows and doors represent.
At these transitions arise due to z. B. temperature-related effects of different movements of the plaster shell and the window.
These movements must accommodate fabric plaster profiles to provide a permanent, driving rain-proof connection to allow between the components.

Perfect solutions for the transition between facade surface and building openings

Reveal bead with mesh
EJOT® Pro GAP Giga Flex slim – 7 mm

Small construction width (7 mm) and wide range of applications with high movement absorption at the same time: GAP07 Giga Flex slim is optimal for areas with limited space, e.g. renovations.

Roller shutter connection profiles
EJOT® Pro RAP Giga Flex slim – 7 mm

The compact design and small construction width (7 mm) of the RAP07 Giga Flex slim ensures uniform plaster application even with thin- and medium-layer systems. Another plus point: Aligned installation on the roller shutter guide rail is now even easier thanks to the stop leg.


Highest product quality

Highest product quality

High-quality raw materials and state-of-the-art production technology guarantee a permanent premium quality of all EJOT Pro-Line profiles.
Maximum movement

Maximum movement

High three-dimensional movement for the highest demands with the innovative Product technology of the EJOT Pro GAP Giga Flex.
Water-resistant connections

Water-resistant connections

Maximum movement absorptions ensure permanent water-resistant connections.