PFG® anchors
The shield anchors with extra expansion for non-cracked concrete

ETA approved PFG® anchors are well known and recognized shield anchors, and therefore often referred as being a forefather for all shield anchors. PFG® is the original.

All SORMAT shield anchors fulfill the high quality and technical requirements set by the authorities. The preassembled shield anchors are ideal for use in a huge variety of base materials. Due to the large expansion zone these anchors also work in applications where concrete strength is low.
The anchors are available zinc plated or black sheradized. Both of these treatments are compliant with the RoHS directive of EU.

Original SORMAT PFG® shield anchors

Features of PFG® anchors
​​​​​​​SORMAT offers six different models of PFG® anchors in order to satisfy all customer needs.
Image of six PFG® anchors
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Further information about PFG® anchors can also be found in the approval

Overview of the advantages
  • ​​​​​​​Can be used in many base materials
  • Due to the large expansion zone these anchors work in applications where concrete strength is low
  • Suitable for pre-installations
  • Removable
  • For medium heavy loads
  • Easy and fast tightening


SORMAT PFG® anchors are used in a variety of applications, from installing heavy equipment, fixing balustrades, rollers and shutter doors, lift guides, security grills, pipe work, fixing handrail and even fixing hammocks. Similar applications as with Through Bolt but works better in poor base materials.

Typical applications
  • Pipe supports
  • Supporting scaffolding
  • Facade systems
  • Baseplates
  • Balustrades
  • Gates

Application shutter
Application metal gate

Suitable base materials

With SORMAT PFG® anchors you can fasten to a wide range of base materials. Due to PFG®’s large expansion, it is suitable also in materials of slightly worse and porous quality like in many old constructions.
Most common base materials
  • concrete
  • solid bricks
  • hollow bricks
  • natural stone