Befestigungslösungen für die Fenstermontage

Fasteners for window mounting

Uncomplicated processing for different materials

In the field of fastening technology for window installation, the installation of windows in masonry and concrete in particular is one of the most frequent areas of application.
​​​​​​​Millions of windows and doors have already been installed safely and without damage using the EJOT frame anchor. Its robust and uncomplicated processing is one of the advantages of the fastener: pre-drill, screw in, done.
In addition, it has a burglar-resistant and fall-preventing effect and is suitable in its versions for different substrates as well as for the installation of windows made of a wide range of materials.

​​​​​​​At EJOT, you will find the right fasteners for every window installation requirement.

Product recommendations for window installation


Frame anchor type RA-Z

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Dabo® screw TKR-4.8

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