Solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof

Secure fastening of various systems

Mounting systems are used to install photovoltaic and solar thermal systems on roof surfaces, which in turn consist of a variety of metal components. The EJOT portfolio includes a selection of reduced swarf self-drilling screws from the EJOFAST® family for fastening mounting rails, trapezoidal sheet metal clamp/bridges and wind deflectors as well as the EJOT solar fastener for fastening solar systems on trapezoidal steel profiles, sandwich panel and corrugated fibre cement roofs. The portfolio is completed by practical accessories.

Your solar system. Our fastening solution.


EJOT® solar fastener

The EJOT solar fastener set with sealing washer and ORKAN storm washer is the first ETA-certified stainless steel fastening element for fixing photovoltaic installations to trapezoidal profiles and sandwich panel roofs. For applications on corrugated fibre cement sheets, we recommend the set with an FDZ fibre cement seal. The main benefit is that all tensile and compressive forces are transferred directly into the substructure.

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws

The self-drilling screws in the EJOFAST® family have reduced swarf, which means that they have a unique tip geometry without a conventional cutting edge, which does not produce any sharp-edged swarf during processing. The very fine swarf fragments do not need to be removed after processing. At the same time, the specially drawn-out tip enables secure application to the surface. Displacement or slipping is almost impossible, and there is no risk of scratching the component surface. The special thread shape also allows for high assembly speed. This makes them a fast, clean and therefore ideal all-purpose choice in the solar sector.

Product recommendations for solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof


Solar Fastener Sets with ORKAN storm washer / fibre cement seal

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EJOFAST® self-drilling screws JF3-2-6.0 and JF3-2-5.5

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EJOFAST® – Einzigartige Spitzengeometrie ohne klassische Schneide

The self-drilling screw without the classic cutting bit

Clever & Clean
The unique tip geometry without cutting bit, the high assembly speed as well as the load capacity of the EJOFAST® screws are of great advantage when fastening solar installations and increase the safety of the fastening.​​​​

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