Solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof

Secure fastening of various systems

The following EJOT products are suitable for secure installation using suitable mounting systems for photovoltaic modules that consist of a large number of metal components, depending on the material of the profiles and the overall system construction.
  • ​​​​​​​Fastening of components and retaining elements on thin-walled metal profiles:
    Self-drilling screws of the EJOFAST® series (JF3)
  • Steel/steel and aluminium/steel connections:
    Stainless steel bimetal self-drillling screws with hardened steel drill point (JT3, JT6)
  • Aluminium/aluminium connections:
    EJOT stainless steel self-drilling screws (JT4, JT9)
The EJOT solar fastener is perfectly suited for mounting PV systems on trapezoidal steel profile and sandwich element roofs. The stainless steel fastener, which has been approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), is available in different versions depending on the substructure, roof covering and photovoltaic system to be fastened.

​​​​​​​The EJOT solar fastener JT3-SB-8,0xL is the world's only solar fastener with a drill point.

Product recommendations for solar and photovoltaic systems on the roof


Solar Fastening System JT3-SB-8.0 with storm washer

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EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF3-2-5.5

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EJOFAST® – Einzigartige Spitzengeometrie ohne klassische Schneide

The self-drilling screw without the classic cutting bit

Fast. No swarf. Reliable.​​​​​​​
The unique tip geometry without cutting bit, the high assembly speed as well as the load capacity of the EJOFAST® screws are of great advantage when fastening solar installations and increase the safety of the fastening.​​​​​

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