EJOT® cavity wall repair anchor VSD 8U-E


  • Applications

    • For fast and adhesive-free subsequent installation of curtain walls.
    • For load-bearing shells made of concrete, solid brick and perforated brick


    The EJOT® cavity wall repair anchor VSD double expansion wall anchor enables the subsequent renovation of double-leaf masonry.
    Advanced corrosion or a complete lack of wire anchors can lead to decreased stability of the outer sheet and possibly cause considerable physical injury.
    In particular curtain walls made before 1979 should be subject to further inspection.
    When renovating the outer facade the stability of the curtain wall must be verified. The EJOT VSD is a particularly cost-effective solution for subsequent installation between load-bearing shell and outer sheet.

  • Properties

    • Approved anchor for fixing curtain walls
    • Double expansion wall anchor: simultaneous embedment in load-bearing wall and outer sheet
    • Clean and fast installation (no mortar required)
    • Universal expansion zone: secure installation into concrete load-bearing shells, solid and perforated brick
    • The use of A4 stainless steel screws guarantees corrosion protection
    • 100 % installation control
    • Temperature-independent installation
    • Can be installed at 0 °C
  • Technical specifications

    • Diameter: 8 mm
    • Embedment depth hef: ≥ 70 mm
    • Drill hole depth ts: ≥ ld + 10 mm
    • Nominal drill diiameter: 8 mm
    • Minimum thickness of the outer sheet: 115 mm
    • Drive: Hexalobular drive T25