Multifix SE1000 Seismic


  • Applications

    Suitable for fastening facades, awnings, wooden structures, metal structures, metal profiles, supports, beams, consoles, railings, grids, sanitary objects, pipelines, cable routes, post-installed rebar applications

  • Properties

    • Fire behavior test report
    • For heavy duty applications
    • Overhead installation
    • Water-filled drill holes
    • Fastening without expansion pressure, therefore small edge and center distances possible
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Low odor development
    • High flexural and compressive strength
    • The cartridge can be used again until the end of its shelf life by replacing the static mixer or by closing it again with the original cap
    • State-of-the-art ingredients, complies with the latest REACH regulations
    • 100 years service life


  • Technical specifications


    • Cracked and non-cracked concrete.

    Fastening elements:

    • Threaded rods (galvanized, diffusion galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel A4, A2 or HCR), reinforcing iron, internally threaded sleeves

    Included in delievery

    1 mortar cartridge
    1 mixing nozzle

Orderidentifier Article Number Amount mixing nozzle Unit
Mortar cartridge Multifix SE1000 Seismic 585 ml 9571001000 1 1


Amount mixing nozzle
Mortar cartridge Multifix SE1000 Seismic 585 ml

Multifix Calculator

Calculate the mortar cartridges required for your project with this calculation tool. It will help you to reduce waste and make your installation more cost-effective.

  • Select thread diameter from the list on the far left.
  • Select the number of holes to fill by entering them in the text box above the illustration or alternatively use the plus and minus buttons.
  • Select the drilling depth using the plus and minus buttons in the illustration.
  • Done! The number of mortar cartridges required is now displayed.