Multifix SE1000 Seismic


  • Applications

    Suitable for fastening facades, awnings, wooden structures, metal structures, metal profiles, supports, beams, consoles, railings, grids, sanitary objects, pipelines, cable routes, post-installed rebar applications

  • Properties

    • Fire behavior test report
    • For heavy duty applications
    • Overhead installation
    • Water-filled drill holes
    • Fastening without expansion pressure, therefore small edge and center distances possible
    • Good chemical resistance
    • Low odor development
    • High flexural and compressive strength
    • The cartridge can be used again until the end of its shelf life by replacing the static mixer or by closing it again with the original cap
    • State-of-the-art ingredients, complies with the latest REACH regulations
    • 100 years service life


  • Technical specifications


    • Cracked and non-cracked concrete.

    Fastening elements:

    • Threaded rods (galvanized, diffusion galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, stainless steel A4, A2 or HCR), reinforcing iron, internally threaded sleeves

    Included in delievery

    1 mortar cartridge
    1 mixing nozzle

Orderidentifier Article Number Amount mixing nozzle Unit
Mortar cartridge Multifix SE1000 Seismic 585 ml 9571001000 1 1


Amount mixing nozzle
Mortar cartridge Multifix SE1000 Seismic 585 ml