EJOT APPLITEC test laboratories

Optimal connections in focus

EJOT is the engineering partner for the development and implementation of reliable fastening solutions for a wide range of applications. In customer discussions, new approaches and fastening ideas often arise. The APPLITEC test laboratory is a central component in the implementation of these ideas. Here, the focus is on the individual component and its optimum fastening design. Specially trained, qualified specialists carry out the component tests using the latest screw technology and analysis methods. Depending on the customer's requirements, the connection points can also be put through their paces using various load scenarios. 

In addition to real component tests, FEM simulations open up further possibilities for designing and optimising components and screw points. Both methods, virtual or real, save valuable development time and thus costs. Based on the test results, the customer then receives documentation in the form of a detailed test report. The APPLITEC screw laboratories are an essential part of the EJOT service offer in the most important growth regions worldwide.

Key data for APPLITEC:

  • Fastening technology from almost all known manufacturers
  • Robot unit, stationary and mobile test stands
  • Torque measurement (0.05 Nm to 100 Nm)
  • Clamp load measurement (up to 60 kN)
  • Long-term measurement under temperature (-40 ° C to 180 ° C)
  • Leak test
  • Static material testing (e. g. tensile and compression tests) as well as hardness testing
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