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Central meeting point for all employees of the EJOT Group is the online anniversary platform. True to the anniversary motto „EJOT. Bringing it together” everyone from the EJOT world can meet here virtually. Reports, photos and videos about the events, actions from the national companies, stories from the EJOT world, a gaming area, competitions, chats - the pulse of the anniversary beats on the platform.  Amongst other things, customer events, family days and charity campaigns are also planned at all EJOT locations throughout the anniversary year. With the charity events EJOT would like to get involved with projects at the different locations that are from the charitable area or that are related to environmental protection and nature conservation. The anniversary platform has an internal area for the employees of the EJOT Group as well as an external area for the public. Simply click into the EJOT world. 


The anniversary slogan – "EJOT. Bringing it together"

"EJOT. Bringing it together" – the slogan for the 100th anniversary expresses the great diversity that characterizes the EJOT Group: Technical innovations, partnership with customers and suppliers who get more than "just" a screw at EJOT. Curiosity, openness and the joy of experimentation are also part of the EJOT philosophy, as is an open and transparent corporate culture with fair dealings with each other. As a family-run company, EJOT attaches particular importance to sustainable growth and regional responsibility. EJOT is bringing components and products together. EJOT is bringing companies together. EJOT is bringing people together. The central message is: "EJOT Bringing it together."
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