Rear-Ventilated Facades

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The rear-ventilated facade offers great design freedom and versatility. The selection of suitable fastening solutions is therefore just as diverse. Every facade must be securely anchored to the load-bearing outer wall.
The fastening elements ensure that all system components, such as insulation, substructure and facade cladding, are joined in a lasting and secure way. EJOT offers the right fastening solutions for the various application ranges and requirements.

Rear-ventilated facade substructure system for horizontal or vertical installation of support profiles

CROSSFIX® – Die Revolution im hinterlüfteten Fassadenbau


The ETA- and passive house-certified stainless steel console combines maximum flexibility and energy efficiency. This opens up completely new design possibilities for rear-ventilated facades.

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Product recommendations for the rear-ventilated facade area


Two-part insulation support anchor DH

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Self-drilling screw JT4-LT-XT-3H/6-5.5x25

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Further products for fastening rear-ventilated facades

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Further information in the EJOT® Rear-ventilated facades Guidebook


Part 1: Design and advantages

The first part of our new guidebook on the subject of "Rear-Ventilated Facades" describes the design and advantages of this special type of facade.

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Part 2: Embedment mechanisms at a glance

In the second part of the Guidebook, we take a closer look at the different embedment mechanism of rear-ventilated facades.

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Die moderne hinterlüftete Fassade

State-of-the-art rear ventilated façades

If you would like to find out more about rear-ventilated facades, please listen to our podcast episode on the subject of "State-of-the-art rear ventilated façades".

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Further highlights


The self-drilling screw without the classic cutting bit

Clever & Clean
​​​​​​​The unique tip geometry without cutting bit for secure attachment within rear-ventilated facades.

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EJOT® sliding point screw VARIO

The EJOT sliding point screw VARIO is a universal fastening element made of A4 stainless steel for fixed and sliding points in rear-ventilated facades according to DIN 18516-1. It is now also available as an all-stainless steel version.

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