EJOT Mexico

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EJOTATF Fasteners de México y Compañia, S. en C.

EJOTATF Fasteners de México is a Joint Venture between two important companies in the industry of fastening elements:
  • EJOT SE & Co. KG, Germany
  • ATF Inc., USA

In our plant in San Luis Potosí we produce cold-formed fasteners for various customers in the automotive industry, the electronis industry and the industry of household appliances.

Just as our partent companies we are aware of our responsibility to deliver products of the highest quality to satisfy and surpass the expectations of our customers.


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EJOT Sistemas de Construcción is the Mexican subsidiary of the German manufacturer of fixing systems EJOT, for the Mexican and Latin American markets. We have offices in for the construction division, from which we provide technical and commercial coverage to our clients in projects around the world.

The construction division is located in the State of Mexico. From these facilities, we serve the construction markets of Mexico and all of LATAM. We have products from the ILB (Light weight steel construction, roof applications, facades cladding products, etc.), IFF (glass facades and window industry), SATE (thermal insulation), RVF (Rear ventilated façade) and Solar divisions.

Our commitment to the quality of our products and the qualification of our engineers has been rewarded by the trust and loyalty of our clients, who have our knowledge and experience when undertaking their projects.