EJOT® Through Bolts BA-V Plus


  • Applications

    • For embedment in cracked and non-cracked concrete ≥ C20/25

    • Also suitable for natural stone

    • Dry indoor areas

    • For embedment of medium heavy to heavy fixings such as pillars, metal structures and wooden structures

    • For pre-, push-through and distance installations

    • Seismic approval category C2 (M10-M16)

    Note: Characteristic values apply to the compression strength of C20/25 concrete. Design load of an anchor for centric tension in cracked concrete.

  • Properties

    • Galvanized zinc-plated steel
    • Approval for concrete, Option 1
    • Fire restistance classes F30, F60, F90, F120
  • Benefits

    • Completely new design
    • M10 and M12 with 2 different anchorage depths
      M10: 40 mm and 60 mm
      M12: 50 mm and 70 mm
    • Colored setting depth marking on the thread
    • Anchor length letter code marked on the bolt head
    • Installation also in thinner concrete than today with M8 and M10
      M8:   80 mm vs. 100 mm
      M10: 100 mm vs. 120 mm
    • 30 – 50% fewer turns for the assembly torque

EJOT Anchor Fix - Anchor dimensioning made easy

With the dimensioning software for through bolts EJOT offers a very helpful tool for static initial sizing of building projects. The computer program EJOT Anchor Fix was developed for structural engineers, specifiers, engineers and technicians. The software can be a useful guide in the pre-planning phase. It supports the user for easy assessment of the static requirements of the planned building project. With EJOT Anchor Fix the limits of the carrying capacity of through bolts in concrete substrates can be determined stored and printed. In addition, further documents such as approvals and product data sheets can be accessed. The software also offers a language selection for the international use.

EJOT Anchor bolts BA Plus online processing

Learn in a playful way how to install a through bolt BA Plus correctly.