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Mortar cartridge Multifix USF winter


  • Applications

    • For installation in cracked concrete (option 1) and non-cracked concrete (option 7) (ETA-16/0107)
    • For installation in masonry (ETA-16/0089)
    • For installation in natural stone (without approval)
    • Approved for anchor rods M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24, M27, M30


    Please observe the corresponding approvals during planning and processing.

    The storage temperature must not permanently exceed 25 °C! Please store upright!

  • Properties

    • Vinyl resin, styrene-free
  • Benefits

    • Cartridge temperature may conform to the low outside temperature
    • Shorter curing times at low temperatures
    • Processing with common applicator gun possible
    • Can be used in wet concrete and water-filled drill holes
    • Delivery including mixing nozzle
Orderidentifier Article Number Contents ml Amount mixing nozzle Unit
Mortar cartridge USF 300 ml winter 9571000300 300.0 2 1


Amount mixing nozzle
Mortar cartridge USF 300 ml winter

Multifix Calculator

Calculate the mortar cartridges required for your project with this calculation tool. It will help you to reduce waste and make your installation more cost-effective.

  • Select thread diameter from the list on the far left.
  • Select the number of holes to fill by entering them in the text box above the illustration or alternatively use the plus and minus buttons.
  • Select the drilling depth using the plus and minus buttons in the illustration.
  • Done! The number of mortar cartridges required is now displayed.