Time savings of 25 percent with EJOFAST

Side lap screw JF3 instead of self-drilling screw: "EJOFAST fastening without swarf convinces"

What customers appreciate in the fastening without swarf with EJOFAST:

Bull's eye: "Fastening without swarf with EJOFAST convinces"

"The screw is installed easily and quickly. It is perfectly tight. Above all, it was the fastening without swarf that convinced me. EJOFAST is a smasher!"

Mr. Schmitz, owner of the company Zimmerei-Dachdeckerei Schmitz, on the self-drilling screw competitor EJOFAST® JF3.

EJOFAST convinces in practical usage

„The free spin zone enables controlled stripping of the screw and the material of the sheets does not tear out so quickly. The screw does not slip because the EJOFAST has a new point. This alone offers time savings of 25% to 30%. And the best: There are no swarfs on the roof!"

M. Lenner, foreman of the company Dachdeckerei C. Voegeli GmbH

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