ETICS hammer-set anchors for all use categories

EJOT H1 eco - the universal hammer-set anchor for all substrates

Economic and thermal bridge-free fastening of all usual insulation boards (ETICS), easy and uncomplicated processing as well as an absolutely reliable installation and fastening - these are the main characteristics of the EJOT H1 eco.

Overview of the advantages of the H1 eco:

  • Approved for all building material categories (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Solid steel nail (break-resistant)
  • Low profile washer face
  • Plastic assembly element for reducing thermal bridges
  • Can be mounted with additional washer
  • Short embedment depth, reduced drilling
  • Higher load-carrying ability for your safety
  • More favourable anchor use
  • Pre-assembled nail for quick installation
  • With EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

You can see here how easy it is to install the H1 eco: