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Get to know our new products here and learn more about the respective features and applications of the new fastening solutions in the EJOT product portfolio.

EJOT® self-tapping screw JZ5-8.0

​​​​​​​For the first time, we offer a bimetal self-tapping screw: The JZ5-8.0 is made of A2 stainless steel with a hardened steel dog point. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for fastening profiled steel sheets and sandwich panels to steel substructures up to S 355 (St 52).

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EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF3-LT-2-5.5, KD12

With the self-drilling screw JF3-LT-2-5.5, we have developed a no-swarf EJOFAST® screw which is especially suitable for fixing small metal shingles to profiled steel sheets.

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EJOT® concrete screw JC2-FR

For embedments in concrete, we have expanded the range of concrete screws with the JC2-FR with truss head. The advantage of the concrete screws is that they are completely removable and do not develop any expansion forces.

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Stress plate EcoTek-T-50

In the area of flat roofs, we offer a new plastic stress plate for fixing roofing membranes to substructures made of concrete, aerated concrete, trapezoidal steel profiles, timber and wood-based materials. The tube washer EcoTek-T 50 has four additional teeth under the head and thus ensures maximum fixation of the roofing membranes.

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EJOT® products at a glance

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