All-rounder for side lap stitching

How does the EJOFAST JF Screwdriver fare in practice?

Tuesday morning, Hoya, county Nienburg near Bremen. Equipped with two fully charged batteries, various cardboard boxes of collated JF3 screws and the new magic tool EJOFAST JF screw driver we are lifted comfortably with a cherry picker towards our destination.

The customer has already been convinced of the advantages of the new EJOFAST® side lap screw JF3. Today we are going to put the prototype of the screw driver to the test. The team: Project supervisor Yasir Angar and field engineer Stefan Meyer.

8,000 square metres of sandwich elements on timber substructure - the ideal terrain for the EJOFAST JT Screwdriver

In spiraling heights we are placed on the the roof of the new warehouse of the Hermann Hartje KG. Hartje is a traditional third-generation family business and a powerful wholesale firm in northern Germany. The headquarters are also located in Hoya close to the construction site..

There it lies before us, the test roof with approximately 8,000 square metres. With ideal weather conditions we are hoping to cover some ground today. It is dry, clear blue skies and a temperature of 5-8 °C. Below us barges are floating over the Weser river. Beyond that, there are only fields and countryside.

We are welcomed by Heiko Bitter. He is site foreman of the roofing company Friedrick Schmidt Bedachungs GmbH. The company Schmidt is the contract roofer for Hartje and they are installing sandwich elements to a timber substructure.
Mit dem Kran auf das Dach
A crane takes us to the roof, where we are already expected by Mr. Bitter.

Already installed: 25,000 EJOT storm washers with self-drilling screws

Contact to the company has been established by our field engineer Stefan Meyer, via Mr. Eric Krumpolt, the project manager for Schmidt.

Together with his colleague, the craftsman Czeslaw Susczewicz, Mr. Bitter has already installed 25,000 EJOT storm washers with the respective JT3-2-6.5 self-drilling screw. For side lap stitching they used screws and drivers from our competitors at first.

Fastening without swarf with the EJOFAST system

Thanks to Stefan Meyer's efforts, the company Schmidt could be convinced of the advantages the EJOFAST® side lap screw JF3 has to offer. Mr. Bitter: "A main advantage of the EJOFAST screw is that no drilling chips are created. The drilling chips would have to be removed from the roof. In case of wet weather, this is not an easy task. It often leads to complaints because remaining swarfs start to rust."äne müssen mühsam vom Dach entfernt werden. Bei feuchter Witterung ist das nicht so einfach. Das führt immer wieder zu ärgerlichen Reklamationen, weil liegengebliebene Bohrspäne rosten.“

This argument was the reason that Mr. Bitter left the driver from our competitor on the ground and instead fixed 10,000 EJOT side lap screws JF3-2H-4.8x19 with sealing washer. Until the EJOFAST® JF Screwdriver arrived on site he actually fastened them manually.

Continuous fire: The battery-powered side lap screwdriver in continuous use

Full of expectations the craftsman takes the new EJOFAST® JF screw driver and he is ready to start. No long instructions are necessary - the man is a skilled worker and he knows what he is doing. The EJOFAST® JF Screwdriver is now easily put to use. The battery-powered high-performance screwdriver is now used without a break.

In the meantime a complete neighbouring crew has gathered around Mr. Susczewicz and is curiously watching our EJOFAST® JF screw driver in action.

A few cartridges have already been used when the first suggestion for improvement is voiced. Mr. Bitter: If the driver could be equipped with a spacer, we would not have to re-position our marking slats for every row." Yasir Angar notes the suggestion with the information that this topic is currently being discussed.
Vewendung des EJOFAST Systems
The battery-powered side lap screwdriver in continuous use

44 minutes and 375 screws later

Mr. Susczewicz is a complete natural and has already armed himself with multiple screw cartridges. Row after row he works toward his lunch break.

The first battery quits after exactly 44 minutes continuous operation and it is replaced with the next battery, waiting in the charging station. Result of one battery charge: 15 cartridges with 25 screws each.

With the second battery we continue quickly. Several magazines later: Mr. Bitter signals a few times the arrival of lunch break. But Mr. Susczewicz cannot be stopped. We signal that we would like to fasten the rest of the roof ourselves - and this argument works.

Finishing time for the cordless screwdriver: The last side lap screw has been installed

Now our colleagues take the EJOFAST JF screw driver and finish the job. A few hours ago we started in the middle of the roof and now the finish line is very close. After 42 minutes the third battery is dead. We quickly recharge and the two colleagues are almost done. The work with the EJOFAST JF screw driver seems to be very easy which might be due to the fact that is only weighs a few kilogrammes.

In the afternoon the last JF3 side lap screw has been set and we can call it a day. Conclusion: The practical test was very successful, the running time of the four lithium-ion batteries was also convincing and is a real alternative to the three-phase current tools.

Text and pictures: Matthias Möldner