EJOFAST system for side lap stitching

With EJOFAST, EJOT presents the 1-for-2 system for fast and safe side lap stitching. The system includes the EJOFAST JF2 screws for the non-weathered area (e.g. tray) and the EJOFAST JF3 for the weathered area (cover plate). The system combines the effective processing with the optimum geometric properties of the chipless EJOFAST screw generation. This makes the assembly of upper and lower shell child's play. Additionally available is the EJOFAST side lap stitching screwdriver JF for the ergonomic processing of EJOFAST screws.

Advantages of the EJOFAST JF screwdriver:

  • Fast and safe work because of the optimal ergonomics
  • Easy change of magazine for both screw types
  • Flexible mouthpieces for different profile geometries

The new JF screwdriving tool is easy to handle and specially designed for mounting trapezoidal sheet metal profiles in side lap stitching.

EJOFAST system: Efficient side lap stitching of trapezoidal profiles


"Time savings of 25% with EJOFAST"

What customers appreciate about the non-cutting screw connection with EJOFAST: