Fastening without swarf in the field of air conditioning/ ventilation technology

EJOFAST® self-drilling screws

The EJOFAST® family for various applications in air conditioning and ventilation

Fast. No swarf. Safe: These are indispensable properties that a product must have, especially when it comes to attachments in the area of air conditioning and ventilation. Thanks to the fastening without swarf, cleaning of the ventilation ducts is not necessary.

Get to know our specific fastening solutions from the EJOFAST® family and learn more about the respective features and advantages.

EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF2-2-4.2

The EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF2-2-4.2 is suitable for the efficient connection of ventilation ducts made of steel. Because the fastening without swarf, it is not necessary to clean the ventilation ducts from drilling chips.

Suitable accessories: Drop-in anchor LAL+, Concrete screw JC2-IT

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