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Get to know our new products here and learn more about the respective features and applications of the new fastening solutions in the EJOT product portfolio.

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Building Fasteners


EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF3-Plus-6.8

The EJOFAST® JF3-Plus-6.8 is a self-drilling screw for screwing profiled sheets, sandwich panels, edge parts and cladding onto timber substructures. The low splitting effect in the wood due to the combination thread and the suitability for high loads should be emphasized.

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EJOFAST® self-drilling screw JF3-Plus-4.9

The EJOFAST® JF3-Plus-4.9 is a self-drilling screw for screwing profiled sheets, sheet metal, edge parts and cladding onto timber substructures. The low splitting effect in the wood due to the combination thread and the suitability for fastenings with low edge distances should be emphasized.

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T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STS

For the structural timber construction, EJOT offers wafer head screws with a diameter of 6.0 and 8.0 millimetres. They are the ideal solution for fixing rafters onto purlins and are suitable for fastening over-rafter insulation systems.

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T-FAST® wood screw JW2-STR

The wood screw with countersunk head features milling ribs on the underside and makes it easier to countersink the head for surface-fixed installation. Just like the wafer head version, this screw features an end mill which ensures a simplified installation process.

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Self-tapping screw JZ5-6.3

The new self-tapping screw with a diameter of 6.3 millimetres expands the product range of bi-met self-tapping screws for high-strength steels. It is used for fastening profiled steel sheets and sandwich panels to high-strength steel substructures and insertion rails.

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Concrete screw JC2 Plus

The new generation of concrete screws convinces with an optimised thread and point geometry. With diameters of up to 14 mm, it features two embedment depths and thus two clamp thicknesses and can significantly improve the load-carrying capacities. The new concrete screws are not only removable, but also reusable.

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ETICS Fasteners



In case of double-sheet wall constructions with face bricks, where the cavity wall ties are due to corrosion no longer sufficiently load-bearing, the EJOT VSD 2G 8U-V can be used to re-establish the stability of the wall. The new anchor length 145 mm has been specially designed for this application.

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EJOT® Pro-Line Profiles

The innovative product portfolio around connection and plastering profiles offers construction site suitable and high-quality product solutions with different application possibilities. Find more detailed product information about the specific EJOT profiles here.

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ejotherm® screw-in anchor S1 short

If thin facade insulation panels are used, for example, in the renovation of listed buildings or in window reveal areas, there are additional requirements for washer anchors. The new ejotherm® S1 short screw anchor impresses with its short under-head area and minimal installation depth for securely fastening particularly thin insulation panels.

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