EJOT® Concrete screw JC2 for cracked and non-cracked concrete

Concrete screws are true all-rounders and have the great advantage that they are removable. Since there are hardly any expansion forces, they are particularly suitable for temporary fastenings near the edge. Due to their multiple gear cutting in the surface, they can also be used for pre-stressed hollow core slabs (ETA-18/0221).

The concrete screw is screwed directly through the attachment in the drill hole. By doing so, the thread cuts into the concrete, creating a mechanical locking mechanism over the total embedment depth.

EJOT® Concrete screw JC2

Concrete screw with details
The ETA regulates the usability of the concrete screw for cracked and non-cracked concrete indoors. Beyond that, the fire rating R 120 guarantees additional safety.

Concrete screws at a glance


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Overview of the advantages
  • Very easy and quick installation
  • Immediate load-carrying capacity (no curing times)
  • No expanding forces
  • Ideal for fastenings near the edge
  • Can also be used in hollow building materials, e.g. pre-stressed hollow core slabs
  • Removable


EJOT® Concrete screw JC2-KB

  • Hexagon head with flange

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EJOT® Concrete screw JC2-IT

  • With combined internal thread M8/M10


EJOT® Concrete screw JC2-ST

  • Countersunk head
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EJOT® Concrete screw JC2-FR

  • Pan head

Typical applications

  • support structures
  • railings
  • shelves
  • handrails or rails
  • temporary formwork


  • Self-tapping, approved screw anchors for push-through installations.
  • No expansion, therefore small edge and centre distances possible.
  • For dry indoor use.
  • Available in galvanized steel or with the zinc alloy coating C1000-ZA (1000 hours minimum resistance time in the salt spray test according to DIN 9227).
  • ​​​​​​​Combines the benefits of undercut and chemical anchors, requiring neither additional tools, operations nor curing time.
Concrete screw approvals